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Image by Erik Mclean

In our digital world, too often we overlook the amazing products that are available in our areas.  From the best burger in town to locally grown vegetables that are presented in someone's front yard for sale. How do you find these products and enjoy them, while fueling the local economy?  That was the question. 

In response, the team at izitin created a hyper fast (sub second) way to search products and services in your area, show their location and a little bit about them.  We can guide you there, or place you in touch with the person offering the product you are seeking.  We made it extremely easy to locate, favor and add these products to an itinerary, so you can easily move in the physical world with turn by turn guidance through your phone's GPS.  

We at izitin, believe in living local and consuming local.  Always free to list your products and always free to search and locate the wonderful products your area has to offer

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