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  • How do you add a business and products to izitin?
    This should take 10-15 mins per business depending on product list size 1. Open izitin app and create a new account using an email address or google, apple or facebook login. 2. Goto the business tab under the drop down menu 3. Select the Red + symbol at the bottom 4. Touch the gray box at the top with the + symbol to add a stand image 5. Now add Stand Name 6. Add a stand description about your business 7. If you have a website add it to the optional website box, you don't need https// or www, will be sufficient 8. If you would like your customers to be able to call you by phone add it in the Phone number field. If you want international calling add the country code first such 1 for the US 9. Next touch stand location a. A map will pop up, type your address in the top box and validate its location on the map by touching save location 10. Last select the category that best describes your stand or business. 11. Select Add 12. Adding Product Categories a. From business screen select Red + b. Enter the Product List name a. i.e. Menu, Lunch Menu, Breakfast Menu, Tap List, Red Wines 13. Open up the Product List on the website a. i.e. menu, tap list, etc 14. Adding products to a product list a. In the Product List (Green background) Bar you will see a toggle button, a + and a pen icon b. Toggle turns off and on the Product List (makes visible) c. Pen icon allows you to edit the Product List name 15. Select the + symbol a. Enter the name of the product into the box, and the product description in the bottom box and then select Add b. If a business has a special name for this product enter a generic product name c. i.e. a BLT Sandwich that is called the Rube Morrison, don’t enter Rube Morrison enter BLT Sandwich d. Continue this until all products are entered under their correct Product List name(s) e. Auto correct and suggest help a lot here 14. When done go back to search and ensure business is showing up on the map with the correct pin and location
  • How do I have personal data deleted if wished?
    If you wish to completely delete any personal data other than removal of the account through the interface please send a request to with login ID.
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